Doing It For Katrina

lovers Board Members:
We are very excited to be a part of this deep-impacting project. We need this more than ever. The devastation left by hurricane Katrina is sill impacting many Americans; 25% of the population of New Orleans is still displaced. The reality does not stop there. On December 1st, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is closing its emergency-housing program. We find this interesting as American Red Cross reports that hurricane Katrina destroyed 275,000 housing units. We are touched that Amy and Craig were inspired do there part to help. Of course, we find it funny and ironic that they refused to just sit around and watch. Amy and Craig are doing something by laying down. To show our support, we know that we each pledge to send $1 ever time they make love. We encourage employers to consider a donation matching program. We are proud to be a part of their decision. It's not hurricane. It's Hurry I Can! New Orleans needs us óletís do it!

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