Doing It For Katrina

lovers Our Story:
Like you, we saw the atrocities and the chaos left in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. While supplies have been sent, there is still so much to be done. Our heart strings resonated with sympathy knowing that fellow Americans still had so little as we had so much. So we decided that we would stop just looking at the pictures—we were going to help. We asked ourselves, what can we do? What skills or resources could we offer to help rebuild the spirit of beautiful New Orleans? That is when we knew what we had to do and we are asking you for your support. We are going to use our passion to help raise money for the victims of Katrina. Here is our Pledge: We pledge to send $1 every time we make love. We are asking you to support us on our drive to raise money for those in need. We have needs and so does New Orleans. Won’t you pledge what you can? Facing the suffering in our own backyard will be difficult. So sure, it will be hard at first, but you know it will feel good doing it. So, pledge what you can. Pledge a little or pledge a lot but be a part of this with us. We want you to be a part of this benefit. New Orleans needs us —let’s do it!

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