Sally and the Magic Kick Ball


This play based on the story Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig.  The play was written by Craig Downing and his third grade class (Lauren, Jake, Julien, Alana, Duncan, Josh, Annie, Olivia, Anne, Malea, Austin and Dylan)



[Turn up rain sound.  Bring in dark clouds. Old sign that reads, “Strawberry Hill”.  Big Tuft of Grass or bush.  Ducks in background.  Nature landscape such as trees and hills]


Thank you for coming to our presentation of Sally and the Magic Kick Ball.  Please be sure to turn off you cell phones and pagers.  Enjoy the show


[Sally enters stage from left side.]

Sally lived in Oatsdale with her mother and father.  One of her hobbies was collecting unusual items he found in the fields.


What a cold day. Brrrrr. I hope I find something cool so it’s worth time.


On a rainy Saturday, Sally came upon quite an extraordinary object.  It was shiny and flaming red.


[sees flat kick ball on ground] Ooooh. This is really cool and it fits perfectly in my hand. Brrr.


The rain felt cold on her back as she was studying this marvelous object.


Wooooo. [Shivers]  Gosh, I wish it would stop raining. [Little bell sound. Rain sound stops, Gray clouds replaced with sun.  Ducks look around confused].


To Sally’s great surprise the rain stopped as quickly as a snap.  It didn’t stop gradually as rain usually does.  It CEASED [surprise sound from cast behind stage].  The drops vanished on the way down, the clouds disappeared, everything was dry, and the sound was shinning as if the rain had never existed.


That was odd.


In all her young Sally had never had a wish gratified so quickly.  It struck her that-


Magic must be at work.


And she guessed that-


Magic must be in this marvelous object.


Where indeed it was.  To make a test, Sally put the kickball on the ground and said-


I wish it would start raining again [cricket sounds]


But nothing happened.  Then Sally tried holding the magical kickball in her hoof.


I wish it would rain again [magic sound, thunder drum roll, dark clouds, rain clouds, rain sound, all very immediate, lightening flashes.  Sally looks around in amazement. [Ducks are confused again].  Wow I never knew that just a little thing could change the weather.  Wow this kickball is magical.  Now my Mom and Dad can have anything they want.  My relative friends…they can all have anything they want.


Sally was very excited about her new discover.  She wished the sunshine back.


Ah, yes, I wish the rain to stop and the sun to come out.  [Magic sound and everything changes].


Sally went on to make some other wishes too. She wished a wart on her left hind fetlock would go away.


I wish the wart on my left hind fetlock would go away.


And it did [Wart drops on ground.  Ducks later use this for nest].  Sally then started home eager to amaze her father and mother with her magical kickball.  She could hardly wait to see their faces. [Lion slowly enters]. 


I can’t wait to show my parents! 

NARRATOR: Sally was thinking of so many things that she could wish for that she didn’t notice the hungry lion. [As lion is crawling up, play jaws sound.  When lion actually stands up drums go “bam bam baaaaaaaaaaam” as dramatic announcement]


[Lion leaning against something, very cool like.  Maybe lion has a long piece of grass hanging from its mouth.]

Snooty Sarcastic roar


Oh, yikes. I was so busy dreaming about all the things I could wish for that I didn’t notice that lion.


[Lion speaks in another language as someone pops out with cue cards with translations]

Give me that kickball and then stay still because you look tasty, juicy and tender!!


Sally was very scared.  Sally liked her magical kickball and did not want to die.  If she weren’t so startled she would have been clever enough to wish herself at home safe or somewhere else but she was so scared and could not think.  So, in that scary moment Sally made an unfortunate wish.


I wish…oh, yikes…ah, I wish I were a rock! [Magic bell sound.  Sally jumps behind tuft of grass then pushes tuft of grass down to reveal a big rock.  Sally is hiding behind rock.]


And wouldn’t you know it. Sally turned into a rock.  For some this was very confusing.


[Still speaking in another language]  Whoa.  What? What just happened? I am so sure I saw a donkey. [Sniffs rock].  Strange, I must be going insane. [Lion walks off stage confuse]


So there was Sally by a beautiful lake with that magical kickball on her side and unable to pick it up.


[said behind rock]  Oh, how I wish I were myself again.


But it didn’t work.  Sally had to be touching the kick ball.  Sally thought and thought.  Sadly Sally realized that the only way for her to be saved was if someone just happened to pick up the magic kickball and then just happen to wish that the rock would turn into a donkey.


[Putting on science glasses] [Scene change while duck is speaking: bring out table, tablecloth, chairs and mom and dad] According to my calculations the chances are 1 in 1.37 billion that someone would pick up the magical kickball and wish for a near by rock to turn into a…well, a donkey. [Looks at rock] Sorry, buddy.


Meanwhile, back at home.  Sally’s parents were very worried.  Sally had never come home later than dinnertime.


Oh, where could she be?


They stayed up all night wondering what had happened.  Sally’s Mom cried a lot. 

MOM: I will never scold my dear Sally again as long as I live, no matter what she does.

[They both put their heads down and moon pops up]

[Sun and rooster sound]

NARRATOR: Early next morning, Sally’s parents went asking around for Sally.

DAD: Excuse me. Have you seen Sally?

TOWNFOLK 1:  I always see her collecting things out in the fields. But, I haven’t seen her today.  Why? Did she skip school?

MOM: Oh, no, it’s not that serious.  It’s just that Sally didn’t come home last night.

TOWNFOLK 2:  Oh. Well, we’ll keep an out for her. 

[Parents walk over to store front]

MOM:  [knocks on door with wood block sounds]

[Pause, then sock puppet comes out]

Excuse me, but have you seen Sally?


Did Sally forget to do her homework again?

DAD:  Oh, no, no, no.  We just can’t find her.


No, I haven’t seen her all day.

NARRATOR: [DAD holds MOM.]  Eventually, Sally’s parents went to the police.

MOM: Oh, Chief Kurlekowski, Sally never came home last night.  We are very worried.

POLICE: Mmm, I better send out the dogs.  What does she smell like?

DAD:  She smells great.

POLICE:  You heard the man…now go find that scent!

[Dogs begin slow path of sniffing around] [Chief and parents draw a missing poster]

NARRATOR:  The dogs found Sally’s scent.  They followed the scent right to the rock.

DOG 1: Hey the scent ends right here.

DOG2: Yeah, that’s weird, but this rock smells great.

[Dogs smell around rock. Dogs look around and are confused. Eventually they return]

POLICE: This maybe a tough time.  You best go home and we’ll keep looking.  We’ll call you when we have any great leads.

[PARENTS head home]

NARRATOR: Days passed and Sally’s Parents feared the worst.  They just knew that something dreadful had happened

PARENTS:  We just know that something dreadful has happened.

NARRATOR: Sally’s parents tried their best to be happy, to go about their usual ways.  But their usual ways included Sally they were always reminded of her.  They were miserable.

[SAD music by student]

[Parents walking around town.] [People putting up “missing posters” of Sally.  Someone wearing a “we miss you sally” t-shirt]

NARRATOR: Sally felt like she would be a rock forever and she tried to get used to it.  She went into an endless sleep. [Bubble with “zzzzzz” pops up from behind rock].  The days were long and cold.

[Pause on stage]

[Sign reads “ one year later ”]

NARRATOR: One day in May, Sally’s Dad insisted that his wife go with him on a picnic.

[Parents wearing shirts “I miss Sally” “I miss Sally too”]

DAD: Come on.  Let’s go on a picnic to a beautiful place in the sun by a stream so we can try and cheer up even though Sally in no longer with us.

[Parents walk over to rock and set up picnic]

NARRATOR:  Wouldn’t you know it.  Sally’s parents went on a picnic right where Sally had turned into a rock.  The warmth of Sally’s mother sitting close to her woke Sally up from her deep sleep.  How she wanted to shout-

SALLY: Mother! Father! It’s me, Sally.  I am right here!  I am this attractive looking rock!

[Parents don’t hear a thing and go on with their picnic]

NARRATOR:  But of course, rocks can’t really talk and so no one heard her.

Dad:  Darling, this organic pickled oats and free-range chicken sandwich is just grand.

Mom:  The sandwich goes well with this splendid spot you have picnic for our picnic, sugar bear.

[Parents are happy for a moment and then kind of realize why they are there. They are trying to forget Sally. Mom sadly rests head on Dad.  Dad sadly turns head to side and is sad…but notices a red kick ball.][odd sound]

DAD: [in seeing the kickball] Oh, honey, look.  What a cool looking kick ball.  Sally would have loved this for her collection. [Mom examines and then puts kickball against the rock].

NARRATOR:  Sally was now as wide-awake as a donkey that was a rock could possibly be.

[Slow rise in odd xylophone sounds…start quiet and delayed]

MOM: You know, muffin cake, I have the strangest feeling that our dear Sally is not far away.

SALLY: I am! I am!

NARRATOR: If only Sally realized that the kick ball resting on her side was the magical kick ball.

[Increasing in frequency, volume and notes of noise music]

MOM:  Oh, how I wish Sally were here with us on this lovely Mayday to practice our multiplication flash cards.  [Mom looks down]  Don’t you wish it too?

DAD: [parents looking at each other] Yes…yes I do.

SALLY: Oh, I wish I were myself again, I so wish I were my real self again!

[odd sound, bell, and xylophone going nuts]

NARRATOR: And in less than an instant, she was!! [crew behind stage cheers]

[Breakaway rock pulls part. Sally jumps up.  Parents are shocked]

 [DAD looks at his sandwich as if he is wondering if it has been drugged]

NARRATOR: You can imagine the scene that followed-the hugs [hugs], the questions,

PARENTS:  Where have you been?

NARRATOR: the loving looks [loving looks], high fives [high fives] and an octopus.

SALLY: An octopus?  Anyway, Mother [looks at mother], Father [looks at father].  I have missed you so much!  I have had so much time to think.  There’s something I need to tell you. [Sally waits for all characters to come out—except octopus that will float around during song--and form themselves into lines of human balls.]

SALLY: Hit it!


EVERYONE: It doesn’t rock, being a rock.

HUMAN ROCKS: [pop up from rocks with hands waving] No it doesn’t!!! [Return to ball/rock from]


HUMAN ROCKS: [pop up from rocks with hands waving]


It was cold and freezing and a dog sniffed her

The dogs tried to find her but they couldn’t find her.

Her parents were worried so they went out looking

She hopes she never turns into a rock again…because

CHORUS: [octopus comes floating around stage]

It doesn’t rock, being a rock.

No it doesn’t


She found a magic kick ball and made a wacky wish

A lion popped out and she wished she were a rock.

She was alone for a really long time

She was a lonely lump for a long time….because


It doesn’t rock, being a rock.

No it doesn’t

No it doesn’t…. [rocks stay up…everyone turns, cheers and gives high fives—hoopla]

NARRATOR: [steps forward from hoopla] [hoopla is going but no sound] From that day forth, Sally and her family kept that kickball locked in a safe.  What more could they wish for?  They had everything they wanted.