I’ll always have a connection to the new space of the Northwest Film Forum. This is not just because I have spent a great deal of time there since it opened, but because I literally helped in its creation. I’ve worked on small construction projects before, mostly trail crews or parks, but this was something different, since I use the final product on a regular basis. I can look at the walls and think “I painted that” or “I hammered that nail.” With the lights on, it’s a pretty modest space, but I’ve witnessed that it has the capacity to be much more to many people.


In route to Luang Prabang, I spent 2 days sitting on the floor of this boat. They just kept stuffing us tourists in. At first we were giddy with the novelty of being treaty like refugees. But as the spacious realty was shrinking, we were less excited about having to sit with our cramped knees in our faces.