fierce: 'firs 3 : furiously active or determined My sister, Meghan, is fierce. Even when she is supposedly relaxing, you have a feeling she is subconsciously planning her day, or doing small, imperceptible stomach crunches. And she does not like being criticized for this. She once said, while on holiday in the Caribbean, as we waited for a sailor pal to pick us up in his dinghy, she couldn’t, wouldn’t even want to, adapt to the lax islander lifestyle. She prefers her whizzing taxis and tireless ambition. Ferocity.


You could hear these boats from a neighboring providence. Okay, yes, the boats cut the travel time in half but they were so loud. Basically, these boats were retro-fitted with old diesel truck engines. Passengers were required to wear a helmet—good luck finding one! Many of the helmets were split in half from previous flying debris.